About Us

ForceMagic’s Toolbox is a collection of Unity3D packages that are lean, performant and have low memory footprint while being simple to use. We wrote them for us, but keeping them flexible enough for anybody to extend or modify.

In recent updates of Unity the Garbage collector has been more aggressive. This is a good thing if you are not allocating on the heap when you shouldn’t. Each package were made in the mindset that we want the least amount of runtime allocation as possible and of course use the lowest CPU cycle as well. Thus avoiding memory fragmentation and excessive processing.

We often encountered other packages that claimed to be optimized but ended up using overkill patterns, had inefficient data management and had bad performance in their critical areas. To give concrete examples in our packages; Linq is banned, caching is used as much as possible, when we allocates we make sure it’s essential or we do it on the stack, we avoid string comparison in dictionaries and so forth.

We hope that you will recognize the efforts put in place to achieve what we claim. Let us know if you have any suggestions.